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Hudson City Slasher

Restarting our campaign

Well, we finally got around to starting Hudson City campaign again. It was Dougs new character, The Crimson Shroud and Seans Hudson Hawk

Shawnessy had brought us both in to register as part of the Hudson City Regulars (not the right name, for some reason I can’t remember it) We have now registered as super heroes and as our first task Shawnessy wanted us to look into a murderer that has been praying on women in a park just outside of our old Olive Garden base. The Shroud and Hudson Hawk were staking out the park, heard a scream and rushed to investigate.

We saw 4 men with armoured vests and AK-47s advancing through the park. The Shroud didn’t do well on his perception check and didn’t realize that the attacker we were looking for was almost directly under him as he glided in to investigate. Hudson was behind the advancing gunmen and didn’t see what they were shooting at as they opened up.

The Shroud silently glided in behind the gunmen and threw his cloak around the one at the back, while Hudson Hawk flew over the small cement building and spotted the slasher hiding in the bushes. The Shroud’s entangle and drain was very effective on the gunman, dragging him down while pumping up Shrouds strength. Meanwhile Hudson shouted toward the slasher to drop his weapon to no effect, but it did at least make him turn towards his eyesight based flash attack. With the slasher flashed, Hudson swooped in with a move through knocking the killer to the ground and stunning him. All this time The Shroud was making quick work of the gunman with his entangles, drains and darkness. Kicking one of them back into the group like a bowling ball into some pins.

Hudson Hawk was doing his best to convince the gunmen that we were lawfully attempting to apprehend the slasher and that they should put down their guns, or at least stop shooting at him. That didn’t work out and one of them did manage to get a good shot off on him doing some body. Then the superhero duo beat down the last couple gunmen finally “convincing” them to stop shooting by kicking them repeatedly in the face.

A quick call was made to Shawnessy and the police, both of which showed up quickly to the scene and arrested all five. The girl who was attacked by the slasher unfortunately was past our ability to save her by the time we arrived, but Shawnessy was still impressed by our effectiveness and commended us on a job well done.


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